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 (krôs′brĕd, krŏs′-)
Produced by the mating of individuals of different breeds, varieties, or species.

cross′bred′ n.


(Biology) (of plants or animals) produced as a result of crossbreeding
(Breeds) a crossbred plant or animal, esp an animal resulting from a cross between two pure breeds. Compare grade9, purebred2


(ˈkrɔsˌbrɛd, ˈkrɒs-)

1. produced by crossbreeding.
2. a crossbred plant or animal; hybrid.
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Adj.1.crossbred - bred from parents of different varieties or species
outbred - bred of parents not closely related; having parents of different classes or tribes
purebred - bred for many generations from member of a recognized breed or strain


[ˈkrɒsbred] ADJcruzado, híbrido
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As crossbred puppies inherit random genes from each parent's breeds, temperament and size cannot be predicted.
However, how crossbreds with different blood fractions respond to such circumstances are of interest based on the different skin morphology was different at crossbred with different level blood fraction between Bos indicus and Bos taurus.
Lleyn ewe + crossbred lambs: 1) Dewi Ellis; 2) David Knowles, Kendal; 3) J & A Barrow, Cumbria.
When crossbred with crop plants, the wilder versions of cultivated plants can sometimes pass powerful traits on to their domesticated cousins.
Today we frequently hear the terms crossbred, hybrid, composite, synthetic--when referring to certain animals--and we often wonder exactly what these terms mean.
A total of 268 cattle have been catalogued for judging at the Fair led by 67 crossbred steers and 65 crossbred heifers.
We are finding that these smaller, hardier and more productive crossbred ewes suited to putting to a high performance terminal sire are in demand from lowland producers and from breeders who wish to breed their own Aberdale replacements.
Ludhiana, July 28 (ANI): A crossbred cow in Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University's (GADVASU) dairy farm in Ludhiana sets a national record by producing 10,493 litres of milk in 305 days.
Brahman crossbred cows perform well in the southern United States, so they are widely used there.
THE search has begun for he top crossbred canines in Coventry and Warwickshire over the next month.
The researchers crossbred cultivated sunflowers that contained a Bt transgene--a gene taken from the soil-dwelling bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis that produces chemicals toxic to certain insects--with wild, non-Bt sunflowers.