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 (krôs′brĕd, krŏs′-)
Produced by the mating of individuals of different breeds, varieties, or species.

cross′bred′ n.


(Biology) (of plants or animals) produced as a result of crossbreeding
(Breeds) a crossbred plant or animal, esp an animal resulting from a cross between two pure breeds. Compare grade9, purebred2


(ˈkrɔsˌbrɛd, ˈkrɒs-)

1. produced by crossbreeding.
2. a crossbred plant or animal; hybrid.
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Adj.1.crossbred - bred from parents of different varieties or species
outbred - bred of parents not closely related; having parents of different classes or tribes
purebred - bred for many generations from member of a recognized breed or strain


[ˈkrɒsbred] ADJcruzado, híbrido
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A recent report evaluating the breed composition of the US dairy cattle identified an increased percentage of crossbred dairy herds in US from 0.4 % for cows born in 1990 to 0.7 % in 2000 and 1.6% in 2005 (Powell et al., 2008).
Keywords: Beef crossbred calves, birth weight, weaning weight, growth rate, sub-tropical environment.
Most of the blood parasites are tick borne of great economic importance in Asia and has always been a formidable barrier to survival of exotic and crossbred cattle in India.
The body weight (BW) and body measures of 12 Holstein and 12 crossbred (Holstein X Zebu) dairy heifers in feed lot were assessed.
As crossbred puppies inherit random genes from each parent's breeds, temperament and size cannot be predicted.
Lleyn ewe + crossbred lambs: 1) Dewi Ellis; 2) David Knowles, Kendal; 3) J & A Barrow, Cumbria.
In this aspect, the crossbred lambs of Kazakh meat-wool halffine sheep with the blood of Texel and Poll Dorset breeds face certain problems in adaptation to the new environment [4,5].
In Magalang town, Pampanga province, Andipoe Garcia upholds the "superbness" of his 12-year-old crossbred, a product of the crossbreeding between a native carabao and a Murrah buffalo breed.