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1. (Railways) dialect (in the US) a white cross-shaped road sign used at railway crossings
2. (Crafts) a strengthening bar attached to the planks of a door


(ˈkrɔsˌbʌk, ˈkrɒs-)

an X-shaped warning sign for vehicular traffic at a railroad grade crossing.
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* Look for the crossbuck sign, lights or gates at crossings.
When approaching a crossing protected with a crossbuck, motorists must look both ways and ensure no trains are approaching before proceeding.
3 Delta/McKenzie's latest answer to affordable 3-D is the new CrossBuck 3D Target made especially for the fastest compounds or crossbow use.
Currently, reflective white strips are used in Michigan for additional marking on railroad crossbuck supports (both front and back).
The railroad crossbuck, devised in an era when trains were the usual mode of long-distance land travel for both people and goods, is the oldest road sign.
The old halfback crossbuck works well against a defense that is keying the fullback in the option series, particularly a high school defense with a middle LB.
RAILROAD CROSSBUCK sign - shall be white and words RAILROAD CROSSING in black letters.
stop signs, crossbuck signs), a train's whistle is the only audible warning of its approach.
Iowa County Engineer Nick Amelon and office assistant Connie Mertens announced the plans of upgrading the railroad junction which is marked with only a crossbuck and yield sign at the Iowa County Board of Supervisors' Feb.
The new CrossBuck 3-D Target; from Delta Targets is designed to stop high-speed crossbow bolts, and no longer will shooters have to pull with all their might to retrieve a bolt from an ordinary target.