(krôs′kôrt′, krŏs′-)
adv. & adj.
To or toward the other side of a playing court, especially a basketball or tennis court.


(ˈkrɔsˈkɔrt, -ˈkoʊrt, ˈkrɒs-)

adj., adv.
to the opposite or diagonally opposite side of the court, as in tennis or basketball.


[ˈkrɒsˌkɔːt] adj (Tennis) crosscourt shotdiagonale m
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But Blatche hit a crosscourt pass for Pogoy who nailed his first three to put the Nationals in front 83-81.
Bombita, cramps and all, put the Water Defenders at the 16-15 match point with a crosscourt kill before Dell Palomata's attack error sealed Balipure's win.
Another break point at 5-2 opened the door for Nadal to attack Tsonga further and a whipped crosscourt forehand winner on set point gave the Spaniard the first set in 33 minutes.
Diatchenko broke in the fifth game with a crosscourt backhand winner to open a 3-2 lead, and won on her opponent's serve again in the seventh game to secure the opening set.
Perez spearheaded the assault as F2 saved set point twice in the opening frame, eventually putting them on the hill with a crosscourt hit that her partner Stalzer followed up with the clinching kill.
Gradually Edmund's serve began to click, and a ferocious backhand crosscourt pass secured a break in the second set.
He played brilliant nicks, drops and crosscourt strokes to rout Tayyab.
The Slovakian wobbled in the decider, with a double-fault conceding a break and allowing Radwanska to take a 4-2 lead, but she broke back immediately and closed out the contest with a searing backhand crosscourt winner.
Nadal broke the Russian's serve on five occasions in the 75-minute encounter, wrapping up victory with a neat crosscourt clip.
The Swiss had also won more than once from two sets down at Wimbledon but, after two comfortable holds at the start of the third, he was pummelled into submission again by Murray's crosscourt backhand.
Federer never recovered and Isner reeled off four straight games, ending the match by rifling a backhand winner crosscourt.
In one four-shot succession, she drove still one more forehand over the baseline, jammed a crosscourt forehand winner into the backhand court, then another forehand over the line, then another crosscourt forehand winner.