crosscut saw

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crosscut saw

A saw for cutting wood across the grain.

crosscut saw

(Tools) a saw for cutting timber across the grain

cross′cut saw′

a saw for cutting across the grain.

Crosscut saw

A large-toothed saw used for sawing down and cutting up trees. The two-man version was about five feet long, flexible, and a few inches wide. It had a handle on each end so that a person at each end could pull the saw back and forth. One-man saws were slightly shorter, wider and stiffer, and only had a handle at one end. There were, however, handles available for attaching to the other end that allowed two people to power the saw.
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Noun1.Crosscut saw - handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)crosscut saw - handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)
carpenter's saw, hand saw, handsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting wood
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Two Payette employees, Jared Schuster and Chris Niccoli will cut the tree using a crosscut saw to honor the traditional skills used in Wilderness areas.
A crosscut saw has small teeth that are close together.
If you are producing moulding, on the other hand, you will want to rip first, to get long straight pieces, retaining the ability to cut out defects afterward--which also suggests using a smaller crosscut saw.
I cut wood with a crosscut saw, a bow saw and a hatchet; cook and heat with a wood cookstove.
Many visitors are also drawn to our lumbering artifacts--a crosscut saw, cant hook, and a section of railroad track, among others--as well as our quilts which, though recently made, reflect the natural and cultural history of the island.
A two-man crosscut saw seemed predestined for use as dashboard.
Bands set to play live include hip hop group Extra Curricular, jazz funk crew Haggis Horns, groove collective Nu Popes, blues three-piece Crosscut Saw, sci-fi folk stars Maia, and indie bands the Sons of Mischief and Leo Brazil and his Twitch.
Crosscut Saw - Even if you own an arsenal of power saws, an eight-point crosscut saw should be somewhere in your home.
Also playing: Crosscut Saw, J44, Blue Traffic, Kendall James Band.
Eleven machines are included instead of 10 because crosscut saw and moulder are not listed in the top 10 machines by percentage use for Architectural Millwork and for Cabinets and Furniture respectively.
A coarse crosscut saw with seven or eight teeth per inch is best for fast, rough work or for use on green wood.
Now Go Home: Wilderness, Belonging, and the Crosscut Saw by Ana Maria Spagna.