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 (krôs′hăch′, krŏs′-)
tr.v. cross·hatched, cross·hatch·ing, cross·hatch·es
To mark or shade with two or more intersecting sets of parallel lines.
1. A pattern made by such lines.
2. The symbol (#).

cross′-hatch′ing n.
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See how the tree is made very dark by using the crosshatching technique?
Though people are somewhat cartoonish in appearance, they're consistent and proportional, making the choice highly effective -- while the landscapes, interiors, and backgrounds are drawn with intricate, detailed textures and crosshatching that would make Robert Crumb envious.
The 36-inch wallcovering's colorful paper backing and crosshatching texture draw from fashion and jewelry in six summery hues like Rose and Amethyst—the perfect accessories for dressing rooms, salons and hospitality suites.
She used different techniques such crosshatching, twisting and tying.
Useful concepts, such as measuring with a pencil, perspective and crosshatching lines, are included, and add depth to the lesson.
Steuben, which is sharpening its focus on core tabletop categories, last month introduced the Crosshatch collection, a sophisticated line of stemware, barware and giftware that imbues a minimal mid-century design with a sense of energy through etched crosshatching. The resulting crisscross pattern demonstrates kinetic movement when twirled.
The warmhearted art by debut children's book illustrator Cathy Butterfield subtly blends anthropomorphism with colorful crosshatching in this delightful story about never giving up on one's ambition.