(ˈkrɒslɪt) or

cross crosslet

(Heraldry) heraldry a cross having a smaller cross near the end of each arm
[C16 croslet a little cross]


(ˈkrɔs lɪt, ˈkrɒs-)

a small cross, as one used as a heraldic charge.
cross′let•ed, adj.
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Contract Notice: The purpose of this tender exercise is to undertake internal and external upgrades as part of a refurbishment programme of St Patrick~s Primary School, Crosslet Road, Dumbarton.
18) McEntire v CrossleT Brothers Ltd [1895] AC 457.
Next undesirable effect is that the centers of crosslet groups are not placed at original PLB test locations.
Finally, all training points (their arrival time profiles) were projected by neural network onto the original area (see crosslets in Fig.
6, it is possible to interpret the erroneous accumulation of crosslets in analogous problematic areas in Fig.
White Crosslet Publishing Co has announced the planned release on 27 May of a series of ten books entitled The Ten Transmutations.
Brett, from Dumbarton, was on an outing to Balloch Park with Crosslet Nursery when the vehicle hit him.
Ruskin's father had designed his son's arms with "three crosses crosslets gules," with an eye toward the lad becoming a minister (35.