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 (krôs′ō′vər, krŏs′-)
1. A place at which or the means by which a crossing is made.
2. A short connecting track by which a train can be transferred from one line to another.
3. Genetics Crossing over.
4. A registered member of one political party who votes in the primary of the other party.
a. The adaptation of a musical style, as by blending elements of two or more styles or categories, to appeal to a wider audience.
b. One, such as a performer, song, or movie, that appeals to more than one segment of an audience or market.
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1. a place at which a crossing is made
2. (Genetics) genetics
a. another term for crossing over
b. a chromosomal structure or character resulting from crossing over
3. (Railways) railways a point of transfer between two main lines
4. (Electronics) short for crossover network
5. a recording, book, or other product that becomes popular in a genre other than its own
6. (of music, fashion, art, etc) combining two distinct styles
7. (of a performer, writer, recording, book, etc) having become popular in more than one genre
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(ˈkrɔsˌoʊ vər, ˈkrɒs-)

1. a bridge or other structure for crossing over a river, highway, etc.
a. music that crosses over in style, sometimes sharing attributes with several musical styles and therefore often appealing to a broader audience.
b. a performer of crossover.
3. a member of one political party who votes in the primary of another party.
4. Genetics.
b. a genotype resulting from crossing over.
5. a track structure composed of two or more turnouts, permitting movement of cars from either of two parallel and adjacent tracks to the other.
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Noun1.crossover - the interchange of sections between pairing homologous chromosomes during the prophase of meiosiscrossover - the interchange of sections between pairing homologous chromosomes during the prophase of meiosis
diplotene - the fourth stage of the prophase of meiosis
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
2.crossover - a voter who is registered as a member of one political party but who votes in the primary of another party
elector, voter - a citizen who has a legal right to vote
3.crossover - the appropriation of a new style (especially in popular music) by combining elements of different genres in order to appeal to a wider audience; "a jazz-classical crossover album"
borrowing, adoption - the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source; "the borrowing of ancient motifs was very apparent"
music genre, musical genre, musical style, genre - an expressive style of music
4.crossover - a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the othercrossover - a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other
grade separation - a crossing that uses an underpass or overpass
path - a way especially designed for a particular use
pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing - street crossing where pedestrians have right of way; often marked in some way (especially with diagonal stripes)
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[ˈkrɒsəʊvəʳ] N
1. (Aut etc) → paso m
2. (Mus) → fusión f
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[ˈkrɒsəʊvər] n
(= combination, mix) [styles] → hybride m
(= transition) → transition f
to make the crossover from actor to singer → passer du métier d'acteur à celui de chanteurcross-posting [ˌkrɒsˈpəʊstɪŋ] n [emails] → envoi m multiplecross-purposes [ˌkrɒsˈpɜːrpəsɪz] npl
to be at cross-purposes with sb → comprendre qn de travers
to talk at cross-purposes
We're talking at cross-purposes → On ne parle pas de la même chose., Je crois qu'il y a un malentendu.cross-question [ˌkrɒsˈkwɛstʃən] vt (LAW)faire subir un interrogatoire àcross-reference [ˌkrɒsˈrɛfərəns]
nrenvoi m, référence f
vt [+ book, list] → ajouter des renvois à
to be cross-referenced to sth [item, entry, data] → renvoyer à qch
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, crossover
n. acción de cruzar a través.
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