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also cross-vine  (krôs′vīn′, krŏs′-)
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He recorded "On the Dying Breath of Wisdom" between the years 1997-2000, but spent the better part of 2007-2011 just trying to survive the recession, and in 2013 founded an interfaith ministry, Crossvine Church.
Crossvine has red tubular flowers with yellow centers.
Robert Alan Kerr, 1709 Crossvine Court, New Port Richey, suspended from practicing law in Florida for 60 days, effective 30 days following a Dec.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Crossvine, so named due to cross shape of stem in horizontal cross-section, is a hardy and easy-to-grow vine.
Common small-sized shrubs and vines include: Bignonia capreolata (crossvine), Dioclea multiflora (Boykin's clusterpea), Rubus cuneifolius (sand blackberry), Sambucus canadensis (American elder), Sebastiania fruticosa (gulf sebastiana) (a good indicator of this type), Smilax glauca (cat greenbrier), S.
The Rock Star Group's newest listing is located at 2910 Crossvine Circle.
Crossvine, Carolina jessamine, coral honeysuckle, and the native American wisteria are excellent choices for festooning an arbor or naturally clambering up a tree.