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n. pl. cros·ti·ni (-nē)
1. A piece of thin crisp toast.
2. An hors d'oeuvre made with a crostino and any of various toppings.

[Italian, diminutive of crosta, crust, from Latin crusta; see kreus- in Indo-European roots.]


pl n, sing -no (-nəʊ)
(Cookery) pieces of toasted bread served with a savoury topping
[Italian: literally, little crusts]
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Crostini present another delightful way to serve cold-smoked salmon in a lighter form than bagels.
The special menu consisted of a Crostini Sampler (salmon, crabmeat, tuna tartar, steak), Fresh Oysters, Seafood Taster (tuna tartar, lobster salad, jumbo shrimp, cocktail), Truffle Fries (topped with parmesan cheese), and USDA Prime Dry-Aged Salpicao.
These mini crostini with cheese and chutney are very tasty, under 190 cals with over 8g protein.
Priced from PS20 per person, diners can expect vegan sandwiches including hummus and roasted vegetable, tomato and shallot chutney, and avocado and lime crostini.
10 ITALIAN-STYLE BEEF CROSTINI PS7, Marks & Spencer MINI garlic breads topped with a rich slow-cooked beef ragu, creamy bechamel sauce and sprinkled with mature cheddar cheese.
Peri Peri wraps, Lollipop Chicken, Pepperoni Crostini's and Potato Wings were simply irresistible and the servers were seen coming in and out of the kitchen door time and again as the platters got polished off in a matter of minutes.
I start with oven baked goats cheese crostini that were toasted ciabatta bread topped with caramelized red onion, sun blush tomatoes, fresh basil and grilled goat's cheese.
ON spreadin of scotland joys all around world My fears were confirmed with our first cicchetti, smoked cod paste on crostini with crushed olives.
New starters include traditional French flavours such as the baked Camembert paired with crushed walnuts, truffle oil, baby leaves and crostini; as well as influences from the wider Mediterranean basin in the form of mini Merguez sausages with chilli-lime aioli.
Serata Frizzante, or 'sparkling evening', will celebrate the fancy Italian fizz with two hours of free-flowing bubbles, plus a generous selection of crostini, pizza, and other small bites.
Aperitivo: Drinks and Snacks for the Dolce Vita gathers nearly a hundred recipes from across Italy and reveals their history and development, including recipes for Italian cocktails and wines and adding easy recipes for antipasto, crostini, vegetables, meats, and sweets.