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A crystalline neurotoxin found in the venom of the rattlesnake Crotalus durissus subsp. terrificus.

[New Latin Crotalus, rattlesnake genus (from Latin crotalum, kind of rattle or castanet, from Greek krotalon, clapper, from krotein, to strike, beat) + toxin.]
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6) Cobra venom contains cobratoxin and a-bungarotoxin which act postsynaptically by binding to acetylcholine receptors on the motor end plate while (3-bungarotoxin and crotoxin present in krait venom act pre-synaptically and prevent release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction resulting in muscle paralysis due to curare like neuromuscular blocking action affecting the muscles of eyes, throat and chest leading to respiratory failure.
jararaca venom, as well as the phospholipase A2 activity of crotoxin and the proteolytic activity of B.
Crocalbin: a new calcium-binding protein that is also a binding protein for crotoxin, a neurotoxic phospholipase [A.