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Adj.1.crow-sized - having the approximate size of a crow
sized - having a specified size
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Researchers who have unearthed a fossil of a crow-sized winged dinosaur that lived in the Early Cretaceous period China made another interesting discovery.
Notably, Rauhut and his team found that the teeth lining the crow-sized birds' beaks differed in pattern, and no two Archaeopteryx specimens were alike.
Scientists on Monday announced the discovery of a crow-sized, bird-like dinosaur with colourful feathers from north-eastern China that lived 161 million years ago during the Jurassic Period.
Stone-curlews, crow-sized birds with bright yellow eyes, were pushed close to extinction as a breeding bird in the UK around 30 years ago - but conservation work has helped boost numbers to around 400 breeding pairs.
These nearly crow-sized birds, with red crests, white stripes, white underwings and undulating flight, are always a thrilling sight.
Washington, August 8 (ANI): Archaeopteryx, the legendary crow-sized creature long known as the earliest known bird on Earth, may not have been a bird at all, a new study has revealed.
Boynton Park on the Paxton-Worcester line is one of the few locations in the city where crow-sized pileated woodpeckers can reliably be found.
They will be on the trail of the slender-billed curlew, a crow-sized wading bird which is now one of 47 "lost" bird species that may possibly have become globally extinct.