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The act of fundraising by using the internet or a similar network to solicit funds from a large pool of potential donors.

[crowd + fund + -ing.]

crowd′fund′ v.


the funding of a project by a large number of supporters who each contribute a small amount
ˈcrowdˌfund vb
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A crowd-funding campaign is aiming to raise $500,000 towards a rooftop helipad and clinical support unit at Christchurch Hospital.
Microfinance is characterised by the existence of crowd-funding and individual lending.
However, funding from a bank is likely to be considerably cheaper than crowd-funding.
Fifty-five percent of R80 financing comes from the country, through non-financial investment financing (PINA), national private sector, crowd-funding and vendors.
The Securities and Exchange Commission is set to regulate crowd-funding activities in the country to protect the investing public from the abuse of fund-raising innovations typically designed for start-up companies.
Soranno gained attention for posting an urgent request on crowd-funding website (https://www.
Therefore our clients are using crowd-funding to resource this fresh challenge in their quest for truth, justice and accountability.
A BAHRAIN-BASED woman seeking support through a crowd-funding platform to pay for her husband's treatment in Italy is just 1,800 euros (BD754) short of her target.
She now races around the court on a set of wheels that cost four grand, funded by a crowd-funding appeal.
Paralympians are donating their own cash to a crowd-funding campaign to fill stadiums.
Gill Thompson has launched a crowd-funding campaign for an inquest into the death of her diabetic brother David Clapson.
The popular theatre, run by volunteers, has launched a crowd-funding initiative, in the hope of being able to secure much-needed facilities for its forthcoming new Studio Theatre venue.