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A method of outsourcing work over the internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration.

crowd′source′ v.
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com)-- Ushering in a new era of online recruiting, eJobXchange launches a unique and interactive crowd-sourcing virtual social recruiting network job Xchange platform.
com - NoBroker has a crowd-sourcing functionality where anyone who sees a 'to let' board with the details of the owner can click a picture and upload it to NoBroker.
Kaya nga crowd-sourcing is such a powerful method of getting information not just for the serious stuff but also for the light and fun stuff because you're relying on the wisdom of the crowd and usually the crow can regulate itself by telling you or me specifically what are the choice and then I can make that choice.
His fundamental questions are whether Kivi is world literature, and if not why not; and the complexity of the crowd-sourcing of world literature, especially the role played by translation in that crowd-sourcing.
HCOMP is the premier venue for disseminating the latest research findings on crowd-sourcing and human computation.
With the acquisition, Wipro gets Topcoder, a marketplace based on crowd-sourcing to connect over a million designers, developers and data scientists the world over with customers.
XPRIZE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that utilizes a combination of gamification, crowd-sourcing, incentive prize theory, and exponential technologies as a formula to make 10x (vs.
Big Data is being obtained by every top Online Advertising Company in India through various ways which include web mining, search information, social media, crowd-sourcing, mobile and transactional processes.
Crowd-sourcing his questions, remaining calm and using his own follow-ups have helped the Labour leader create a new style which the public say they like.
ACROSBY actress who appeared in the last series of Game of Thrones is crowd-sourcing to fund a horror film made in Liverpool.
Crowd-sourcing will allow for economies of scale to extend economic benefits to end users, while ensuring that proper due-diligence and a fast track approach facilitate early adopters of new initiatives within Dubai' strategic vision," said Ahmad Buti Al Muhairbi.
They are happy when they come up with a creative idea using crowd-sourcing but are less than happy when a client does so.