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A method of outsourcing work over the internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration.

crowd′source′ v.
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Crowd-sourcing his questions, remaining calm and using his own follow-ups have helped the Labour leader create a new style which the public say they like.
The crowd-sourcing of logo and tagline would enable Peoples participation in the implementation of the National Film Heritage Mission and preservation of our rich film heritage.
ACROSBY actress who appeared in the last series of Game of Thrones is crowd-sourcing to fund a horror film made in Liverpool.
Crowd-sourcing will allow for economies of scale to extend economic benefits to end users, while ensuring that proper due-diligence and a fast track approach facilitate early adopters of new initiatives within Dubai' strategic vision," said Ahmad Buti Al Muhairbi.
para]]Prophecy's Proprietary Crowd-Sourcing Platform Captures and Displays Consensus Views of Industry Professionals on Upcoming Regulatory Actions and Future Performance of Development Stage Therapeutics[[/para]]
IN an attempt to justify the Labour and the Conservative austerity agenda and future cuts to the Arts, Deputy Minister for Culture, Media and Sports, Ken Skates AM, says that Arts organisations should look at Crowd-Sourcing as a funding revenue (Daily Post January 7).
Preserved through the eyes and experiences of a number of the hospital's very first doctors, healthcare professionals and patients, Dubai Culture has collated the first phase of data to pay homage to the site through a crowd-sourcing programme, encouraging people to share their stories.
Hoebel, 60, based his finding after spending hours going through images available to the public on crowd-sourcing Web site, TomNod.
The new platform called JumpStart Fund, marrying crowd-sourcing with crowdfunding, comes from the California-based online community called Jumpstarter, which has been involved in matching investors with technology opportunities.
At higher contribution levels you can be part of crowd-sourcing the standards for a GudDawg.
In the second, we differentiate crowd-capitalism from allied concepts, such as crowd-funding, crowd-sourcing, micro-financing, and community-based enterprises.
In 2011 filmmaker Omar Robert Hamilton, a founder of Mosireen, managed to raise $14,000 to shoot a short film in and about Palestine called Though I know the River is Dry and right now there is a campaign on one of the crowd-sourcing websites to fund the completion of the film.