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A method of outsourcing work over the internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration.

crowd′source′ v.
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(Commerce) to outsource work to an unspecified group of people, typically by making an appeal to the general public on the internet
[c21: from crowd + (out)source]
ˈcrowdsourcing n
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With this, city government departments are also ordered to crowdsource feedback and adopt 'new ways of thinking' from the public in implementing policies and programs.
A TAB is also a terrific way to crowdsource the teen collection development.
Hospitals ranked as the "best" among crowdsource site were the "worst" in terms of clinical quality measures 30-37 percent of the time.
After what one would have to say literally has been a successful effort led by the Chief Justice to crowdsource the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Fund, the Federal Railways Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmad seems to be formulating a similarly triumphant plan to fix local trains by asking overseas Pakistanis to send train parts to Pakistan.
When enough users start examining a particular company in similar ways over a particular time period, the system anonymizes and aggregates the data, assesses the signal and incorporates the crowdsource input into the FRISK[R] score.
FORT MILL, S.C: Movement Mortgage launched its inaugural Movement Crowdsource Challenge, a competition to develop a new mobile operating system for loan officers.
Google's team responsible for Pixel phone software, settings, and device configuration went on Reddit yesterday to crowdsource some Android users' major complaints about everyday usage of the smartphone, the Verge reports.
The current state of the logistics industry makes this an opportune time to crowdsource. In our experience, eight out of 10 network designs have failed for supply chain managers in the past in one way or another.
For example, if child(x, y) is correct, we do not need to crowdsource the candidate fact parent(y, x) since it can be inferred to be correct based on the inversion constraint (12).
For example, Boudreau and Lakhani (2013), suggested that, if a client firm wants to crowdsource a design task or creative project, a contest-oriented platform should be selected.
A "crowdsource" can contribute software coding, content (text, pictures, and footage), and expertise on a myriad of issues.