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A plural of crux.


a plural of crux



n., pl. crux•es, cru•ces (ˈkru siz)
1. the central or pivotal point; essence: the crux of the matter.
2. a perplexing difficulty.
3. a cross.
[1635–45; < Latin: scaffold used in executions, torment]
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Las Cruces Public Schools is the second largest district in New Mexico serving more than 24,000 K-12 students at 38 campuses.
My mama named me Mary when I was born, but it took me 20 years to marry a man by the name of Christmas,'' the 62-year-old Las Cruces, N.
The same service will launch in Las Cruces and Alamogordo by year-end.
Supply tower for gastroenterology endoscopy - Cruces University Hospital.
DENVER, CO, June 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- International Royalty Corporation (NYSE-A: ROY, TSX: IRC) (the "Company" or "IRC") reports that Inmet Mining Corporation ("Inmet") has announced that the first copper cathodes have been produced at the Las Cruces project in Andalucia, Spain.
I didn't have to think too long,'' said Clark, who leaves for Las Cruces, N.
LOS ANGELES -- The X PRIZE Foundation announced today that following the tremendous success of the 2006 Wirefly X PRIZE Cup, event officials and the City of Las Cruces have begun the task of organizing and expanding the 2007 festivities.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of pediatric osteotomy system - integrated health organization ezkerraldea enkarterri cruces.
a leading casual games developer and publisher, today announced the launch of Jojo's Fashion Show(TM) 2: Las Cruces on the Apple App Store.
It was nothing big, just time to get onto the next job,'' Samuel said this past week in a telephone interview from his office in Las Cruces.
The X Prize Cup expects 5,000 students for Education Day on Friday, October 20 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where students will have the opportunity to see real rockets launch, talk to real astronauts, and learn about the next generation of space travel - all in one location.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of saturation probes for pusioxE[degrees]metro for pediatrics and neonatology - integrated health organization ezkerraldea enkarterri cruces.