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Noun1.cruciality - a state of critical urgency
urgency - the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity
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This indicates the cruciality of human capital development for the socio-economic growth of the country, he added.
As PT Forsyth rightly protests, ''Our very Christmas becomes the festival of babyhood, Good Friday the worship of grief, and Easter of (nature's) spring and renewal instead of (God's) regeneration' ('Cruciality of the Cross'p 30-31) Our towns and cities are littered with cardboard boxes.Yet these discarded containers become the shelter for homeless people.The cardboard box is a symbol of homelessness.
The Cruciality of Conducting Interview for the New Librarian before given them Job in Academic and Research Libraries
In "Neuroendovascular Treatments/Procedures: Are They Efficacious and Have They Improved Patient Outcomes Poststroke?", Holmes (32) gave a meticulous review of literature on these early trials, among others, and the disappointing recommendations from the American Stroke Association, concluding that "these devices may be beneficial, but their usefulness has not yet been established." She emphasized nursing implications related to these findings, stating: "It is paramount that at all levels of nursing at every point of contact take the opportunity to provide patient education...." She stressed the cruciality that nurses educate on risk factor reduction, health promotion, and disease prevention to reduce the incidence of stroke, and she appealed for further research.