crucian carp

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Noun1.Crucian carp - European carp closely resembling wild goldfishcrucian carp - European carp closely resembling wild goldfish
cyprinid, cyprinid fish - soft-finned mainly freshwater fishes typically having toothless jaws and cycloid scales
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In the fish ponds, mainly carp, carp, white carp, crucian carp are grown.
It's a mixed coarse fishery which opened last year and is a silver fish water, with roach, rudd, bream and perch, and crucian carp and tench recently added.
Yet goldfish and their wild relatives, crucian carp, can survive for days, even months, in oxygen-free water at the bottom of ice-covered ponds.
Lactic acid is a by-product when muscles use carbohydrates to create energy but only goldfish and crucian carp, which are related, are known to convert it to alcohol.
Indeed the future of this much-improved little water was helped as the TAA/EA released 1,000 young crucian carp into the water to boost the fishery, which is free to all anglers of the member clubs that make up the Tyne Anglers Alliance.
Good-sized crucian carp are providing the action at Cyfartha Lake and Merthyr Tydfil AA treasurer Tony Rees netted 15 as well as roach, rudd and bream when he float fished with maggots as bait.
The most commonly used species of fish are tilapia, carps (common carp, crucian carp, European crucian carp, mirror carp), catfish, trout, snakehead argus etc.
Last week, after a trip along the A55 in an oxygenated tank on a pick-up truck, some 450 common, mirror and crucian carp were safely released into the lake, run as a day-ticket fishery for the local community.
This study evaluated the acute toxicity effects of Pb2+ on essential trace metals behavior and histopathology of Crucian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio).
The stretch also holds a good head of roach, perch, chub, tench, gudgeon and even crucian carp to over a pound and if you haven't fished there and like your canal fishing it's definitely one for the list this winter.
He caught small mirror carp, crucian carp and tench for 16lb 12oz.