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On each table is a caster- stand, containing cruets of condiments and seasons.
It's poor eating where the flavour o' the meat lies i' the cruets.
On the sideboard a variety of miscellaneous articles were huddled together, the most conspicuous of which were some very cloudy fish-sauce cruets, a couple of driving-boxes, two or three whips, and as many travelling shawls, a tray of knives and forks, and the mustard.
You must remember that mustard, vinegar, oil and so on vanished with the cruet and the burglar.
He threw the cruet in the dustbin-- where I found it, along with other silver--for the sake of a burglary blind.
exclaimed her husband, with something like genuine consternation in his voice as he laid down the vinegar cruet and looked at her through his glasses.
It must always be done at night, so that Jurgis could go along; and even if it were only a pepper cruet, or half a dozen glasses for ten cents, that was enough for an expedition.
He was still lingering in the pantry in the greatness of his zeal, giving a rub-up to a plated cruet stand the last thing before going to bed.
Cranberry glass examples include water sets, vases, cologne bottles, rose bowls, cruets and brides' baskets.
The altar: lacy lambrequin; solid gold cross, like a Roman short sword; chalice, pall and purificator, chalice veil; ciborium, paten; cruets of amber Tokay.
Clarice Cliff (1899-1972) is best known for the cheerfully coloured, Art Deco influenced ceramic vases, pitchers, mugs, cruets, and sifters she painted from the late 1920s until the mid-1930s Clarice started working at the age of 13 as an apprentice enameller.
AS most people are aware, owl artefacts are highly collectable, whether they be models of owls, silver owl-shaped cruets or pottery owl jugs, like the one shown here.