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A small, usually ring-shaped or twisted cake of sweet dough fried in deep fat.

[From obsolete Dutch krulle-koken, rolled-up cake, from Middle Dutch crulle-koken, to curl, from crulle, curly.]
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(ˈkrʌlə) or


(Cookery) US and Canadian a light sweet ring-shaped cake, fried in deep fat
[C19: from Dutch krulle, from krullen to curl]
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(ˈkrʌl ər)

1. a twisted oblong pastry of doughnut dough, deep-fried and sugared.
2. a light raised doughnut, usu. having a ridged surface topped with icing.
[1795–1805; < Dutch krul curl]
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Noun1.cruller - small friedcake formed into twisted strips and friedcruller - small friedcake formed into twisted strips and fried; richer than doughnuts
friedcake - small cake in the form of a ring or twist or ball or strip fried in deep fat
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[ˈkrʌləʳ] N (US) → buñuelo m
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References in classic literature ?
There was the doughty doughnut, the tender olykoek, and the crisp and crumbling cruller; sweet cakes and short cakes, ginger cakes and honey cakes, and the whole family of cakes.
We looked and pointed at the selection of meats and some crisp crullers or oil sticks to go with our beef noodle soups.
A highlight of the menu will be its signature crullers - baked fresh daily, these are pastry treats topped with powdered sugar or icing.
Food--gooey shoo fly pies; sticky sticky buns; buttery apple raisin donuts; crispy crullers covered with King Syrup; chocolaty whoopee pies; soft and creamy vanilla long johns; sweet and tart chow-chow; my Aunt Martha's double- coated fried chicken; and, best of all (and my kids will agree with this), Aunt Stella's melt-in-your- mouth buttermilk-iced cookies.
Boston Cream Doughnuts, Canadian Maple Doughnuts (of course!), Honey Crullers, Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Fritters, Nutella Doughnuts (divine), and that was just what we got through for our first helping.
Unfolding our predilections is like choosing the best donuts (crullers or jelly-filled?) or the best place to vacation (Club Med or the ancient Mayan city of Tikal?).
The Breakfast Goodies chapter includes items such as Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Doughnuts, and Cinnamon Sugar Crullers. Finally, a chapter titled "Festive Favorites and Holiday Treats" features a Birthday Cake, Gingersnaps, and Eggnog Cupcakes.
* Breakfast experience: featuring two varieties of congee with condiments, fried rice or fried noodles, a dim sum selection, fried dough fritters (crullers), hard boiled eggs, Chinese tea, fresh fruit and soy milk, Chinese culinary utensils including chopsticks, Chinese spoons, and a soy sauce dish.
CHOCOLATE-DIPPED CRULLERS 1 box Krispy Kreme crullers 1 pound real chocolate chips or pieces, melted and slightly cooled Place crullers on a plate, brushing off any crumbs and removing any broken pieces.
The variations of donut recipes range from Zalabia: Syrian Hanukkah Fritters; Whole Wheat Apple Cider Donuts, and Chocolate-Glazed Bismarcks with Marshmallow Cream; to Mexican Chocolate Churros; Dulce De Leche Raised Donuts with Salty Caramel Glaze; Key Lime Crullers; and Baked Red Velvet Donuts with Vanilla Bean Icing.
There are sour cream crullers along with glazed and double-glazed, apple fritters, blueberry fritters, unfilled long johns, cream-filled long johns and vanilla iced sprinkled, but it is the selection of jelly donuts that puts Dunkin' Donuts to shame.
(3) El resultado fue una produccion filmica formulaica y repetitiva, conocida coloquialmente con el nombre de churros: "comparing them to the machine-made crullers for sale on many city street corners; like churros Mexican movies were not nourishing, rapidly made, soon forgotten, identical to one another and cheap" (Rubenstein 665).