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also crumb·y  (krŭm′ē)
adj. crum·mi·er, crum·mi·est also crumb·i·er or crumb·i·est Slang
1. Miserable or wretched: a crummy situation in the family.
2. Shabby or cheap: a crummy little rowboat.

[Probably from crumb.]
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adj, crumbier or crumbiest
1. full of or littered with crumbs
2. soft, like the inside of bread
3. a variant spelling of crummy1
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(ˈkrʌm i)

adj. crumb•i•er, crumb•i•est.
1. full of crumbs.
2. soft.


(ˈkrʌm i)

adj. crumb•i•er, crumb•i•est.
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also crumby
Slang. Of decidedly inferior quality:
Informal: cheesy.
Slang: schlocky.
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SHOPPERS are getting a crumby deal from Hobnobs Creams, with three fewer biscuits in a pack.
I SEE common sense has prevailed in respect of the man who was to be fined for accidentally dropping some of his pie on the pavement (A crumby fine from council is cancelled, M.E.N., April 19).
Michael Crumby, 99, from Stockbridge Village, was an antitank gunner during WWII, who only last year received one of the highest decorations from the French Government: the National Order of the Legion of Honour.
Biomarkers measured in different organs of an organism at the individual, population, or other higher levels can represent responses to environmental effects and have been used as tools in bioassessment programs since they reflect physiological changes induced by exposure to pollutants (Adams, Crumby, Greeley, Shugart, & Saylor, 1992; Barton, Morgan, & Vijayan, 2002; Bervoets et al., 2009).
Use your fingertips to rub the butter into the flour until you have a damp, crumby texture.
Mary Elizabeth Crumby and William Richard Baldwin were united in marriage in an outdoor ceremony at five o'clock in the afternoon of June 27, 2015, at the Poor House in Starkville.
But the array of low-paid, crumby teenage jobs I laboured my way through denitely gave me a pretty good sense of the value of money - and that sometimes you have to do a whole lot of earning without too much reward.
"It isn't crumby or misleading, some people live like that, denying it and pretending it isn't happening won't make it any better." Michelle Hickinbottom NEWS: Fundraiser Brian Jones's death.
Bought in the last century it had seen our daughter grow from child to surly indifference, launched thousands of trips to work, comforted, stuffed and warmed and was now meeting a pretty crumby end.
"I grew up getting crumby service from the companies I did business with," Hurd recalled.
Robin Crumby, Executive Director of Melcrum comments: “Going to the members' event enabled me to network and share ideas with others, and was time well spent.”