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Variant of krummhorn.


(ˈkrʌmˌhɔːn) or


(Instruments) a medieval woodwind instrument of bass pitch, consisting of an almost cylindrical tube curving upwards and blown through a double reed covered by a pierced cap
[C17 cromorne, krumhorn, from German Krummhorn curved horn]



a Renaissance musical reed instrument having a cylindrical tube curved at the end.
[1950–55; < German Krummhorn=krumm crooked, bent + Horn horn]
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Noun1.crumhorn - a Renaissance woodwind with a double reed and a curving tube (crooked horn)
double reed, double-reed instrument - a woodwind that has a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together
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I’ve a strong constitution, I must say that for myself, as is plain to be seen; for I’ve drunk the Onondaga water a hundred times, while I’ve been watching the deer- licks, when the fever-an’-agy seeds was to be seen in it as plain and as plenty as you can see the rattle snakes on old Crumhorn.
This concert will feature the sound of a crumhorn, the appearance of a shawm and a sliding trumpet and sackbut.
The trio perform English and European folk and dance music from the 12th century onwards, on a variety of period style instruments, including the fiddle, hurdy gurdy, mandolin, bazooki, Breton pipes and crumhorn .
Thanks to extortionately overpriced uniform regulations and constant demands for cash for rugby trips, skiing holidays, hockey sticks and crumhorn lessons, grammars pretty much price a lot of kids out of contention.
She is joined in the cast by talk show host John Oliver who will play mad scientist wolf Dr Augustus P Crumhorn III.
The literature on the uses of technology--I am speaking of everything from the wheel, to the crumhorn, to the personal computer--is vast, but can be distilled into four main points.
Best thing: Went on a music making trip to the Italian Alps aged 11, I played a recorder and crumhorn alongside professional musicians from Europe.
They are accompanied by a mixture of instruments including some, such as serpent, violin, and concertina, that were used by gallery choirs, and some, such as recorder and crumhorn, that were not.
Instruments played include the medieval crumhorn and zither, bagpipes and pibgorn (pipe horn).
Even Shakespeare wasn't averse to liberally sprinkling ``gaye'' songs throughout his plays; in fact, the Elizabethans in general, liked nothing more than to squat down with the local crumhorn botherer, and belt out bawdy songs about buxom Belinda's bounteous .
The instruments utilized, usefully illustrated in the booklet, include the shawm family, the recorder consort, the crumhorn consort, dulcian, sackbut, slide trumpet, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lutes, guitar, harp, drums, and tabor.
The stimulating old days of my first Renaissance band (`How about gar klein recorder, alto crumhorn, sackbut and rackett?