crumple zone

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Together with the familiar PRE-SAFE protection concepts for frontal and rear impacts, it allows a kind of virtual crumple zone on the side of the car, too.
In addition, crumple zone steel located outside the passenger compartment allows for an impact to be absorbed, thus also protecting the lives of occupants inside the safety cell.
Designed with bodily features that may be present if human beings evolved to withstand the forces involved in crashes, Graham has a thick, helmet-like skull with an in-built crumple zone to absorb impact forces and prevent damage to the brain.
If a collision with a pedestrian is detected, the trailing edge of the bonnet instantly pops-up to increase the crumple zone between bonnet and engine, reducing the severity of pedestrian injuries.
Apart from the popular ex-stock flat design SMI also produces Swallow Tail split curtains and crumple zone concertina types.
It even features an active bonnet - a pedestrian safety measure which detects an impact and raises the bonnet 50mm to create an additional crumple zone.
A bumper is not just a bumper - it is an integral part of the crumple zone designed to minimise injuries in the event of a collision," a spokesman said:.
There is a crumple zone in the nose of the train that is designed to absorb a lot of the force of any impact and it appears that this is exactly what happened.
The third row of seats, which can only comfortably seat people less than 5 feet 3 inches tall has a crumple zone.
After "Straight-Jacket" and now "The Crumple Zone," New York City's Gay Pride Day has a lot to answer for.
Modern cars with their airbags, crumple zone bodywork and anti-lock brakes are making drivers feel invincible.
Heading past glamour's crumple zone, Teller takes us to the crash site of the body beautiful.