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adj. crunch·i·er, crunch·i·est
1. Making a crunching or cracking sound, as when chewed; crisp: crunchy fresh vegetables.
2. Slang Crunchy-granola: "If they're crunchy types, consider camping out along the way instead of staying at motels" (Jennifer Hanson).

crunch′i·ness n.
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(ˈkrʌn tʃi)

adj. crunch•i•er, crunch•i•est.
crisp; brittle.
crunch′i•ness, n.
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قابِلة للطحْن بالأسنان، مًقَرقِشـَه


[ˈkrʌntʃɪ] ADJ (crunchier (compar) (crunchiest (superl))) → crujiente
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[ˈkrʌntʃi] adj
[nut, vegetable, salad, biscuit] → croquant(e)
crunchy peanut butter → beurre de cacahuètes croquant
[snow] → qui crisse
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adj (+er) appleknackig; biscuitknusprig; snowverharscht
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[ˈkrʌntʃɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) → croccante
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(krantʃ) verb
to crush noisily (something hard), with the teeth, feet etc. She crunched sweets all through the film.
the crunch of gravel under the car wheels.
ˈcrunchy adjective
thick crunchy biscuits.
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