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adj. crunch·i·er, crunch·i·est
1. Making a crunching or cracking sound, as when chewed; crisp: crunchy fresh vegetables.
2. Slang Crunchy-granola: "If they're crunchy types, consider camping out along the way instead of staying at motels" (Jennifer Hanson).

crunch′i·ness n.


(ˈkrʌn tʃi)

adj. crunch•i•er, crunch•i•est.
crisp; brittle.
crunch′i•ness, n.
قابِلة للطحْن بالأسنان، مًقَرقِشـَه


[ˈkrʌntʃɪ] ADJ (crunchier (compar) (crunchiest (superl))) → crujiente


[ˈkrʌntʃi] adj
[nut, vegetable, salad, biscuit] → croquant(e)
crunchy peanut butter → beurre de cacahuètes croquant
[snow] → qui crisse


adj (+er) appleknackig; biscuitknusprig; snowverharscht


[ˈkrʌntʃɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) → croccante


(krantʃ) verb
to crush noisily (something hard), with the teeth, feet etc. She crunched sweets all through the film.
the crunch of gravel under the car wheels.
ˈcrunchy adjective
thick crunchy biscuits.
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has announced plans to expand its Reese's line with the addition of Reese's Crunchy Cookie Cup, described as a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup stuffed with crunchy chocolate cookie bits.
Crunchy cumin chickpea garnish: 1x400g tin chickpeas, 1tbsp olive oil, 1/2tsp sea salt, 1tsp ground cumin, pinch of cayenne pepper.
It has always been our dream to create a website that will review nothing but crunchy snacks from all over the world.
Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps and Lentil Crisps are whole bean pods seasoned and baked for a crunchy snack that is low in sodium and fat but high in protein, says New York City dance nutritionist Marie Scioscia.
Wholegrain bites are made from maize, wheat, oat, rice and barley flour; these new wholegrain bites are light, crunchy and delicious and available in fresh, contemporary flavours: Also available in individual multi-packs ideal for portion control are: Sour Cream & Sweet Chili, Honey BBQand Salt & Pepper in 100g packs and in multi-pack of 6 x 25g bags.
Chickpeas are a vegan's go-to salad bar topper, and a favorite dip in spreadable form, but it turns out that they also hold their own in the crunchy snack food category.
Horrific on the outside, nice and crunchy on the inside.
The line includes Chewy Chocolate Chip, Chewy S'mores, Chewy Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter, Chewy Chocolate Chunk, Chewy Oatmeal Raisin, Chewy Variety Pack, Chewy Rainbow Chip, Crunchy Oats & Honey, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Crunchy Maple Brown Sugar, Crunchy Variety Pack, Sweet & Salty Almond, Sweet & Salty Peanut, Fiber Chocolate & Oats, Fiber Carmel & Oats, Fiber Peanut Butter & Oats and Trail Mix Fruit & Nut.
The line consists of: Deli Style Halves, featuring a classic deli taste with an extra kick of garlic and peppercorns; Bread & Butter Chips, sweet and delightful crinkle cut extra thick chips; Zesty Garlic Chips, extra crunchy large crinkle cut slices with a bold, tangy kick; Kosher Dill Halves and Kosher Dill Spears.
Kellogg's has launched Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Caramel Nut cereal combining sweet caramel flavor and real roasted peanuts on crunchy flakes.
Crunchy Sweet Potato Alaska Pollock Sticks from New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA-headquartered American Pride Seafoods recently took first place in the foodservice category at the Symphony of Seafood 2012 competition held in Anchorage.
HannahMax Baking will launch a new premium snack line, the All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chip, that “Tastes Like a Cookie and Eats Like a Chip,” at the NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.