adj. Slang
Displaying liberal social attitudes and stereotypic behaviors: "There's a distinct crunchy-granola flavor to much of the area, with macrobiotic restaurants, earring vendors on the street" (Boston Magazine).
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They don't want to be them -- they see them as crunchy-granola hip- pies and rich, elitist snobs.
There are intriguing, half-formed ideas afoot in "Transcendence," but the script and Pfister's heavy, humorless direction tend to reduce everything to simplistic standoffs between good and evil--or, in this case, heartless technocrats and crunchy-granola resistance fighters known as RIFT (Revolutionary Independence From Technology) and led by plucky martyr-in-training Bree (Kate Mara).
WORCESTER - Once restricted to crunchy-granola types, green careers are becoming increasingly attractive to number crunchers.
If any state would be willing to increase tobacco taxes to fund more government-sponsored health insurance coverage for kids, you'd think it would be the crunchy-granola state of Oregon.
Unlike other more marginal, earnest, crunchy-granola billeting, this was a solid, upper-middle-class suburban house in a very straight neighborhood far from the homo-heights section of town.
For The Match, Hay worked daily for a month with four arresting performers, inventing a brilliantly eccentric dance for each: Wally Cardona's release sensibility is powered by Juilliard-trained technique; Mark Lorimer declaims like all eager poet with a mouthful of pebbles; Chrysa Parkinson twitches long, spidery limbs; and Ros Warby is a crunchy-granola seductress.
Louis, the TV addiction of opinionated dropout Merv (Jeremy Strong) is just one source of friction with crunchy-granola housemate Alice (Katie Kreisler), who attempts to evict him for his unpaid back rent, household bills and refusal to pitch in with chores.
Before being betrayed, she is the bland, standard-issue, crunchy-granola spousal unit.