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adj. Slang
Displaying liberal social attitudes and stereotypic behaviors: "There's a distinct crunchy-granola flavor to much of the area, with macrobiotic restaurants, earring vendors on the street" (Boston Magazine).
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They don't want to be them -- they see them as crunchy-granola hip- pies and rich, elitist snobs."
There are intriguing, half-formed ideas afoot in "Transcendence," but the script and Pfister's heavy, humorless direction tend to reduce everything to simplistic standoffs between good and evil--or, in this case, heartless technocrats and crunchy-granola resistance fighters known as RIFT (Revolutionary Independence From Technology) and led by plucky martyr-in-training Bree (Kate Mara).
WORCESTER - Once restricted to crunchy-granola types, green careers are becoming increasingly attractive to number crunchers.