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 (kro͞os, krŭs)
n. pl. cru·ra (kro͝or′ə)
1. The section of the leg or hind limb between the knee and foot; shank.
a. A leglike part.
b. A body part consisting of elongated masses or diverging bands that resemble legs or roots.

[Latin crūs, crūr-, leg.]
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(Anatomy) the plural of crus
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At the same time, the study revealed an increase in mineralization in skates' jaws and crura, the modified pelvic fins the fish use to "walk" on the ocean floor.
Mesencephalon: The marginal layer of each basal plate of mesencephalon enlarges and thickened forming the cerebral crura or peduncles (crura cerebri) while the alar plates of the mesencephalon give rise to the anterior and posterior colliculus which appear as two longitudinal elevations separated by a shallow midline depression (corpora quadrigemina) (Fig.
suponia que las fibras nerviosas venian de las columnas anterolaterales de la medula espinal, despues ascendiendo a la medula oblonga a la Pons Varolii, y mas arriba decusandose en la linea media, concluyendo que la principal decusacion se da entre la Pons Varolii y la crura cerebri, restandole importancia a la decusacion en las piramides, hipotesis que Brown-Sequard rebatio de la siguiente manera:
revealed three anatomical variations of the medial crura: Type 1 (asymmetric parallel - 75%), Type 2 (flared symmetric - 12.5%), and Type 3 (straight symmetric - 12.5%).
The Middle Eastern nose is known to be comprised of over projecting osseo-cartilaginous vault that is covered by thick skin, numerous pilosebaceous units at the tip, dorsal hump, over projected radix, wide upper two-thirds, nasal deviation, long upper lateral cartilages, asymmetric alar cartilages, short medial crura, tip asymmetry, and acute nasolabial angle.
Remnants of the nasal septum and the anterior nasal spine were exposed between the medial crura. The upper lateral cartilages were dissected from the nasal septum.
A large, pulsating vessel was found passing through the crura of the stapes, consistent with a persistent stapedial artery (PSA) (figure 2).
Median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS) is a clinically rare disease resulting from extrinsic compression of the celiac trunk by fibrous attachments of the diaphragmatic crura, median arcuate ligament, which results in various clinical symptoms including postprandial abdominal pain, vomiting, and/or weight loss.
Per guarire le seconde, la formula e "Terra chiara terra scura / 'a carna cotta addiventa crura" (Riti di chiesa.
Cork & (b)Corporate Rating Advocacy Ltd never having traded having its registered office & principal place of business at 20 On Hatch, Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2 & (c)Ayslive Ltd t/a Bandbireland having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Crura, Riverstick Cork, Co.
It sits behind the stomach and the omental bursa and in front of the crura of the diaphragm at the level of the first lumbar vertebra.