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 (kro͞os, krŭs)
n. pl. cru·ra (kro͝or′ə)
1. The section of the leg or hind limb between the knee and foot; shank.
a. A leglike part.
b. A body part consisting of elongated masses or diverging bands that resemble legs or roots.

[Latin crūs, crūr-, leg.]
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(Anatomy) the plural of crus
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Mesencephalon: The marginal layer of each basal plate of mesencephalon enlarges and thickened forming the cerebral crura or peduncles (crura cerebri) while the alar plates of the mesencephalon give rise to the anterior and posterior colliculus which appear as two longitudinal elevations separated by a shallow midline depression (corpora quadrigemina) (Fig.
suponia que las fibras nerviosas venian de las columnas anterolaterales de la medula espinal, despues ascendiendo a la medula oblonga a la Pons Varolii, y mas arriba decusandose en la linea media, concluyendo que la principal decusacion se da entre la Pons Varolii y la crura cerebri, restandole importancia a la decusacion en las piramides, hipotesis que Brown-Sequard rebatio de la siguiente manera:
Follow up MRI study on T1WI demonstrated almost complete regression of hyperintense signal in the globi pallidi and in the substantia nigra, as well as complete regression of hyperintense signal in the nuclei dentati, crura cerebri and red nuclei on T2WI and FLAIR (Fig.