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adj. crust·i·er, crust·i·est
1. Having, resembling, or being a crust: a crusty piece of bread.
2. Outspoken and surly. Used especially of older people.

crust′i·ly adv.
crust′i·ness n.
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zsörtölõdõ modor
sem er skorpukenndur; viîskotaillska


(krast) noun
1. (a piece of) the hard outside coating of bread. The child would not eat the crusts.
2. (American) pastry. She makes excellent pie crust.
3. a hard surface especially the outer layer of the earth.
ˈcrusty adjective
1. having a crust. crusty bread.
2. surly or irritable.
ˈcrustily adverb
ˈcrustiness noun
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And was so touched and pleased by that confiding little kiss that all his crustiness vanished, and he just set her on his knee, and laid his wrinkled cheek against her rosy one, feeling as if he had got his own little grand daughter back again.
On the other hand, he was sweet-tempered and equable, and he did not resent the early shows of crustiness which Michael made.
And, upon the whole, our intimacy was rather a mutual predilection than a deep and solid friendship, such as has since arisen between myself and you, Halford, whom, in spite of your occasional crustiness, I can liken to nothing so well as an old coat, unimpeachable in texture, but easy and loose - that has conformed itself to the shape of the wearer, and which he may use as he pleases, without being bothered with the fear of spoiling it; - whereas Mr.
They don't have the motor capability to wipe their boogers so there is a constant a.) Either shoe-string of snot dangling from their face, or b.) Dried boogie crustiness sometimes as far as the nape of their neck.
What emerges is a chop spectacular in its crustiness outside and tenderness inside, complexity in its seasoning but ruled by the perfect expression of the pork's own flavors.
Thus, in the case of MWIRD of raspberries, a 2.4 times higher crustiness, a 25.63% higher rehydration, a 17.55% additional retention of anthocyanins, and a 21.21% higher antioxidant activity were obtained in relation to IR drying [88].
"With so much rain, the crustiness has taken longer to form, but hopefully Jeetan Patel can cause them a few problems tomorrow and we can back him up in the field."
In addition to crustiness and nipple discharge, she was experiencing shooting chest pains.