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tr.v. cry·o·pre·served, cry·o·pre·serv·ing, cry·o·pre·serves
To preserve (cells or tissue, for example) by freezing at very low temperatures.

cry′o·pres′er·va′tion (-prĕz′ər-vā′shən) n.


vb (tr)
(Biology) to preserve (living tissue) at a very low temperature
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Under an agreement with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), scientists with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) will cryopreserve twigs cut from the aging tree's branches--in essence, storing them in a flash-frozen state for decades and quite possibly, centuries.
sup][32],[33],[34],[35],[36],[37] The strength of the evidence provided by these randomized trials proved vitrification to be an efficient method to cryopreserve mature oocytes.
2005), OHSS is a greater risk in multipleinfant pregnancies and because of this, it is recommended that patients with severe OHSS undergo oocyte collection, cryopreserve of their embryos, and end the cycle, postponing embryo transfer until later.
SEB believes that the innovative proprietary technology of C'elle may provide women with the novel opportunity to collect and cryopreserve their own stem cells that have demonstrated considerable potential to be used in future therapies and are easily harvest from a non-controversial source," stated Dr.
Sperm have been routinely frozen and thawed for decades, but now researchers can cryopreserve mouse sperm stem cells.
Testing against hepatocytes (liver cells) is critically important, but these cells are difficult to cryopreserve in multi-well plates.
The BioArchive System is a computer-driven robotic system to allow users to cryopreserve and archive up to 3,623 units of blood components in -196 degrees C liquid nitrogen.
But with conventional techniques, they're approaching a dead end in their attempts to cryopreserve anything nearly as complex as an organ.