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tr.v. cry·o·pre·served, cry·o·pre·serv·ing, cry·o·pre·serves
To preserve (cells or tissue, for example) by freezing at very low temperatures.

cry′o·pres′er·va′tion (-prĕz′ər-vā′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
(Biology) to preserve (living tissue) at a very low temperature
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Rao, concluded by saying, "We also hope that this approach of cryopreserving viable, intact tissue can be used as a model for centralized analysis of samples from multiple study sites in other rheumatic and inflammatory conditions."
The BRTX-100 production process involves collecting a patient's bone marrow, isolating and culturing stem cells from the bone marrow and cryopreserving the cells.
Although cryopreserving elm twig cuttings hadn't been attempted before, Walters' team decided to give it a try.
It has many useful applications, such as cryopreserving blood cells, sperm and embryos.
Freezing response and optimal cooling rates for cryopreserving sperm cells of striped bass, Morone saxatilis.
Thus, it is imperative to reserve these cancer survivors' fertility before cancer treatments by cryopreserving their ovaries, oocytes or embryos.
The new space is completely operational and will be used for cell culture labs, capacity for adherent cell scale-up of 10 billion cells, controlled rate freezer capable of cryopreserving 600 vials of cells, capability for membrane preparations of up to two gram of protein, large-scale electroporator capable of generating three billion transfected cells, flow sorter, dedicated molecular biology lab and Radioisotope lab, which is to be completed later this month.
Lai Wei Hong and colleagues at the Agro-Biotechnology Institute at the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute tested various sucrose concentrations and exposure time while deep freezing - or cryopreserving - the vegetative cells.
Cryopreserving shoot tips also offers a way to ensure pathogen-free germplasm for restoring lost or imperiled cultivars.
These results confirm the importance of cryopreserving seeds of J.
Cryopreserving testicular tissue before chemotherapy and autotransplantation of spermatogonial stem cells at a later stage could theoretically allow for restoration of fertility, he added.