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The selective exposure of tissues to extreme cold, often by applying a probe containing liquid nitrogen, to bring about the destruction or elimination of abnormal cells.

cry′o·sur′geon (-jən) n.
cry′o·sur′gi·cal (-jĭ-kəl) adj.
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(Surgery) a surgeon who specializes in cryosurgery
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Foshag is a nationally renowned cryosurgeon affiliated with St.
However, compared to the other curative treatments, cryosurgery tends to have a higher rate of erectile dysfunction, although cryosurgeons can take precautions to minimize damage to the sensitive neurovascular bundles that control erectile function.
Oncologists, surgeons, cryosurgeons, and other medical specialists from Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America describe the history of cryosurgery, including its use in Russia and China; its basics, including cryobiology, equipment, imaging technology, complications, chemotherapy, immunology, and efficacy and safety; and cryosurgery for thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, head and neck, bone and soft tissue, and external tumors.