cryptic coloration

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Noun1.cryptic coloration - coloring that conceals or disguises an animal's shape
protective coloration - coloration making an organism less visible or attractive to predators
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This cryptic coloration can make them hard to see, which is good if they're trying to avoid being eaten.
Background color adaptation has been found in several species of crustaceans (Fingerman, 1965, 1970; Johnson, 1974; Willmer et al., 1989) and represents one of the most common mechanisms of cryptic coloration (Endler, 2006; Stevens, 2007).
The hardy nature of the eggs and neonates, the cryptic coloration of the young snails, and their nocturnal behavior have proven to be challenging for the detection and eradication process of this snail.
According to the study, "cryptic coloration evolved to match the predominant shades of color found in the nesting environment."
Most have cryptic coloration blending in with their surroundings.