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1. Computers Any of various mathematical techniques for encrypting and decrypting data in order to keep it private when transmitted or stored electronically.
2. The process or skill of communicating in or deciphering secret writings or ciphers.
3. Secret writing.

cryp′to·graph′ic (-tə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
cryp′to·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.cryptographic - of or relating to cryptanalysis
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[ˌkrɪptəˈgræfɪk] cryptographical [ˌkrɪptəˈgræfɪkəl] ADJcriptográfico
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adjkryptografisch, in Geheimschrift verschlüsselt
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The BlackVault HSM is a FIPs 140-2 Level 3 network attached Hardware Security Module that performs: key generation and management, cryptographic operations for VPN network authentication, data encryption, regulatory compliance and critical security systems with support for PKCS#11, JAVA, and Microsoft CNG cryptographic APIs.
The atsec Cryptographic Security Testing (CST) laboratory is the first ever to achieve operational status with the Automated Cryptographic Validation Protocol (ACVP) production server operated by NIST, the company said.
Summary: California [USA], April 30 (ANI): A cryptographic puzzle designed by Ron Rivest back in 1999 has been prematurely solved by a self-taught Belgian programmer named Bernard Fabrot.
Azerbaijan plans to replace cryptographic keys that serve as protection for the domain name system (DNS), the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies told Trend on September 10.
Additional applications of blockchain technology will be discussed below.<br />Secure record management<br />Each block in a blockchain is secured and linked using a cryptographically generated code, referred to as a cryptographic hash, of the immediately previous block.<br />The cryptographic hash is generated from a combination of data associated with the transactions records in the block and the cryptographic hash of the preceding block.<br />An attempt by a hacker to alter a transaction record in a block will result in a change in the cryptographic hash.
Singapore, Singapore, March 28, 2018 --( Committed to the transparent asset management, TaaS built an in-house Cryptographic Audit (CA) technology to provide high standards for money flow in blockchain projects.
At the IBM Think event, which is being held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada (March 19-22), the company refers to these tiny computers as cryptographic anchors.
A secure cryptographic core has been created for this purpose, thanks to which all cryptographic wallet operations will be reliably secured.
The use of cryptographic techniques to ensure the security of business and data and the protection of user privacy are urgent tasks at this stage and even in the future.
Crypto Valley: KPMG Switzerland agreed a strategic partnership with the Crypto Valley Association, one of the world's leading blockchain and cryptographic technology ecosystems.
Auto Business News-November 28, 2017--Intrinsix' security and cryptographic subsystem IP selected BY DARPA

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