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 (krĭp-tôr′kĭ-dĭz′əm) also crypt·or·chism (-kĭz′əm)
A developmental defect marked by the failure of the testes to descend into the scrotum.

[From New Latin cryptorchidismus, from Greek kruptorkhos, having undescended testicles : crypt(o)- + orkhis, orkhid-, testicle.]

crypt·or′chid n.


(Anatomy) an animal or human in which the testes fail to descend into the scrotum
(Anatomy) denoting or relating to such an individual
[from crypto- + orchid, from Greek orkhis testicle]
crypˈtorchidˌism, crypˈtorchism n
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Production and management considerations of running wethers, hemi-castrates and induced cryptorchids for wool production.
The challenges of cryptorchids (male dogs who have only one descended testicle).
Unilateral cryptorchids have only one undescended testis, whereas neither testis has descended in bilateral cryptorchids.
Unilateral cryptorchid dogs are usually capable of breeding, whereas those with both testicles undescended (bilateral cryptorchids) are sterile.
9) The majority of cryptorchid testes lie distal to the external inguinal ring and are palpable.
This included the finding of bilaterally small (< 5 ml) or cryptorchid testes with FSH >3x normal or FNAC showing testicular failure.