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also crys·tal·ize  (krĭs′tə-līz′)
v. crys·tal·lized, crys·tal·liz·ing, crys·tal·liz·es also crys·tal·ized or crys·tal·iz·ing or crys·tal·iz·es
1. To cause to form crystals or assume a crystalline structure.
2. To give a definite, precise, and usually permanent form to: The scientists finally crystallized their ideas about the role of the protein.
3. To coat with crystals, as of sugar.
1. To assume a crystalline form.
2. To take on a definite, precise, and usually permanent form.

crys′tal·liz′a·ble adj.
crys′tal·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
crys′tal·liz′er n.
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Adj.1.crystalized - (used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar
preserved - prevented from decaying or spoiling and prepared for future use
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They were steaming up the China Sea when the idea first suggested itself, and as he sat idly during the long, hot days the thought grew upon him, expanding into a thousand wonderful possibilities, until it became crystalized into what was a little short of an obsession.
The Crystalized Collection is a seven-piece line cocreated with Bri Luna of The Hoodwitch.
(Amorphous PET will agglomerate at 180 to 200 F.) Regrind material recovered from in-house production such as extruder edge trim or thermoformer skeleton scrap must be crystalized before it can be reprocessed.