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The science of crystal structure and phenomena.

crys′tal·log′ra·pher n.
crys′tal·lo·graph′ic (-lə-grăf′ĭk), crys′tal·lo·graph′i·cal adj.
crys′tal·lo·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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These eight O atoms are all site half-occupied and crystallographically disordered over two positions that similar disordered phenomena have been observed in the previous studies [24, 25].
As shown in Figure 2A, the asymmetric unit of 1 contains two crystallographically independent Mg(II) with 1/2 (Mg1) and 1 (Mg2) occupancies, one [BTB.
Villars, Cenzual, and Glladyshevskii provide researchers and students with a comprehensive compilation of presently defined crystallographically identified inorganic substances within one volume.
Although the larger molecule approaches three times the size of the smaller, due to higher symmetry the larger one is not all that much bigger crystallographically, said Edwards.
According to Kohn (2004), sector-zoning can be attributed to an intracrystalline compositional difference in regions whose chemical boundaries are crystallographically defined.
By forming small crystallographically aligned lenses around the NV defect and carefully tuning the optical emission through electric fields, the Delft team was able to make the two NV defects emit indistinguishable particles of light (photons).
These binding locations were determined crystallographically for several binding partners [5-8].
A three-dimensional reconstruction of the basal sarcopterygian coelacanth Aqp4 channel, based upon the structure mask of the crystallographically resolved human AQP4 ortholog (Protein Data Bank 3GD8), shows that this arrangement is evolutionarily conserved (Fig.
2008a) attributed higher ranges of spatial dependence to these minerals, because crystallographically, they are more homogeneous.
If the crystal facets are crystallographically non-equivalent, i.
My PhD was a study of Magnox AL 80 and its properties because crystallographically it was very interesting.
c)) Two crystallographically independent molecules show slightly different structural parameters.