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carpal tunnel syndrome


abbreviation for
(Currencies) cents


1. centimes.
2. cents.
3. certificates.
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Now the sweeping conclusion: Dollar for dollar, the CTS offers more value and excitement than the 530i.
The other alloys in the Carpenter CTS suite are CTS-40CP (Micro-Melt[R] 440C), CTS-XHP (Micro-Melt 440-XH[R] alloy), CTS-10 (410 stainless), CTS-20 (420 stainless), CTS 40A (Type 440A), CTS-40C (Type 440C), CTS-TMT (Trinamet[R] stainless), CTS-20CP (Micro-Melt 420-CW), CTS-B52 (VIM-VAR 52100), CTS-B90 (X-90), CTS-B75 (S42700), CTS-B70 (CRB-7[R] alloy) and CTS-204P (Micro-Melt 20-4).
What I concluded after driving several different CTS models is that the design is a winner.
CTS is delighted to be awarded these programs," stated Tyler Buchanan, Senior Vice President, CTS Corporation.
This is an exciting time for Melville and CTS employees and clients," said Melville CEO Nick Marshall.
We're delighted with this opportunity," commented Tyler Buchanan, Senior Vice President, CTS Corporation.
CTS actively pursued this certification as part of an ongoing global quality roadmap to meet the needs of customers in the high reliability, high technology medical sector.
CTS Corporation (NYSE:CTS), a leading provider of electronics manufacturing services, announced today that the Tianjin, China facility of its Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) strategic business unit, has successfully achieved ISO13485:2003 certification.