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cu. in.

cubic inch.
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According to the maximum solid solubility of Hf in Cu in Figure 1, we designed three sets of Cu-Hf alloys with different Hf contents, and the composition of the alloys were measured by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP), as shown in Table 1.
The credit unions that were victimized by Saulsberry's scheme, according to court documents, included the $11 billion First Tech FCU in Mountain View, Calif., the $360 million America's Christian CU in Glendora, Calif., the $2.1 billion Chartway FCU in Virginia Beach, Va., the $1.7 billion Connexus CU in Wausau, Wis., the $10 million Generations FCU in LaPorte, Ind., the $2.2 billion NASA FCU in Upper Marlboro, Md., the $3.3 billion Northwest FCU in Herndon, Va., the $1.6 billion Oregon Community CU in Eugene, the $8.6 billion Randolph-Brooks FCU ins Live Oak, Texas, the $2.2 billion Stanford FCU in Palo Alto, Calif., the $1.8 billion State Department FCU in Alexandria, Va., and the $1 billion Unitus Community CU in Portland.
Many studies have reported that pharmacological concentrations of Cu in diets, ranged from 100 to 250 mg/kg, improved growth performance of weanling pigs (Cromwell et al., 1998; Hill et al., 2000; Veum et al., 2004; Perez et al., 2011; Shelton et al., 2011) and growing pigs (Cromwell et al., 1978; Zhao et al., 2014).
On the other hand, high concentrations of Cu in soils can cause toxicity in plants, resulting in depressed tillering, short or barbed-wire roots, dark green leaves and induced chlorosis (Kabata-Pendias and Mukherjee 2007; Smolders et al.
Table 1 summarizes elemental composition of Cu in SBA-15 samples prepared by the impregnation method and pH adjustment method.
Thus, the reaction time plays a crucial role in forming different ratios of [Cu.sub.2]O to Cu in the composite.
After finishing all the data transmission to PUs, the incentive time from PUs is given to the CU in an aggregated manner.
They found that the CU industry as a whole allocated more benefits to member-savers than to member-borrowers but argued that this result does not imply each CU in the sample exhibited this type of behavior.
In the present study, we investigated the fate of Cu in intensive shrimp farms at the Jaguaribe estuary, in particular Cu accumulation in shrimps during a typical growth cycle and accumulation and availability of Cu in pond sediments.
Injection capacity: 0.5 to 65.6 oz, rates to 119.8 cu in./sec
Makamikex also reported massive sulfides with 13.8% Cu in ultramafic rocks of the Charras belt (Fig.
The formation of stable complexes with DOC often plays an important role in the geochemical behaviour of Cu in soils (Spark et al.