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n. pl. cuat·ros
A small guitarlike instrument of Latin America, usually having four or five pairs of strings.

[Spanish, from Latin quattuor, four; see quatrain.]


n, pl -tros
(Instruments) dialect Caribbean a small guitar with four strings
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While all of his uncles and brothers crafted guitars and cuatros, Matos credits master instrument-maker Roque Navarro as his greatest influence.
While stellar cuatro performers (such as Edwin Colon Zayas) use contemporary electric cuatros (resembling electric guitars) in their performances, the traditional wooden design of the acoustic cuatro models still prevail within players of all levels.
The best cuatros are still crafted in much the same manner as they were hundreds of years ago.
Not that anyone calls it that, but most modern cuatros have five strings, or actually, 10 strings, five sets of two with each pair tuned to the same note.
Today's cuatros are made from a variety of woods ranging from imported ebony to such local varieties as laurel, cedar, mahogany, acacia and oak.
It said that in the town of Corozal, Puerto Rico, ah orchestra that included two cuatros played for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the elimination of the Cadiz Constitution.
As a result, one finds guitarritas, American requintos, guitarrones, and several varieties of cuatros and tres guitars in different parts of Latin America.
It has not been definitely established which group made the first Puerto Rican cuatros.
Cuatro Sombras Puerto Rican-grown coffee is now available for sale in supermarkets.
Cuatro Sombras is available in 8- and 32-ounce bags and retails for $20 per pound.
20, startup Cuatro, controlled by Spain's Sogecable, announced 18 new U.
Cuatro has bought "Sex, Love and Secrets," which was axed by UPN.