Cub Scout

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Cub Scout

A member of the junior division of the Boy Scouts, for boys of ages eight through ten.

Cub Scout



(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) a member of a junior branch (for those aged 8–11 years) of the Scout Association

cub′ scout`

(usu. caps.) a member of the junior division (ages 8–10) of the Boy Scouts.
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Noun1.cub scout - a junior Boy ScoutCub Scout - a junior Boy Scout      
Boy Scout - a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts
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Craig Frost, Assistant Cub Scout Leader, said: "We are very proud of both Daniel and Leo, who are both talented players.
Matthew McVeigh objected to the Cub Scout Promise - which includes the line: "I promise to do my duty to God and the Queen" - on religious grounds.
Joanna Peart speaks to a regional Cub Scout group to see how things have changed since 1914.
This ten-year-old Cub Scout was the only one of his troop to turn up for the annual swimming gala.
Sometimes we go as a single group or as a district event, where we join in with other cub scout groups.
Some 13,000 Cub Scout packs had taken part in a survey in 1986 to find out just what the boys wanted to do during their times in the Cubs.
The Warburtons Newburn Bakery has donated cooking products and pounds 200 to a Cub Scout group in North Tyneside.
Rock rebel Jarvis Cocker was a model Cub Scout in his early days in Sheffield.
Pictured, beaver Thomas Wood and cub scout Robert Robinson
Macy McKennie, Jamie Spencer, Jake Lees, Mark Raw and Steven Barker, who are members of Newsome Scout Group, were presented with their awards by cub scout leader Anne Ridsdale.