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Cubic content, volume, or displacement.


(Mathematics) another word for cubature2


(ˈkyu bɪdʒ)

cubic content, displacement, or volume.
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The refrigerator unit features a gross cubage of 1.
Transportation carriers and third-party logistics organizations may be able to provide their customers insight into designing products and packaging appropriate for meeting shipping demands in an effective and efficient manner, such as cubage, temperature effects and durability factors.
Le montant des redevances, le mode de repartition, les indemnisations complementaires, le cubage total, etc.
The reason appears to be a lack of information and concern about problems that could be encountered when using a new, unfamiliar process, believes Spencer Cubage, president of Pipeline Pigging Products, Houston, manufacturer of poly pigs and pigging accessories.
Moreover, antennas, batteries, speakers should also be connected by FPC or Flex-Rigid Boards out of consideration for internal layout and cubage.
partly polluted (containing PAHs floor construction, asbestos-containing ventilation ducts) building cubage approximately 4 400 m3.
1 million, building cubage approximately 18,000 m3.
b) Building area - 582,00 m2 c) The usable area - 893,00 m2 d) Cubage - 2 143,00 m3 e) Number of floors - 2 with a partial basement f) Fundamenty- Concrete on the benches of reinforced concrete, insulation horizontal - with tar paper on glue, vertical - abizol g) The outer walls - brick and hollow brick, plastered h) Stropy- and reinforced concrete) roof - flat roof over the gymnasium (cover papa) over the school roof trusses wooden structure (covering coated steel sheet) j) Windows and doors - doors, aluminum and wooden window frames with PVC and wood.