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To calculate the volume of a cube, multiply the length of an edge of the cube by itself twice. The volume of this cube is 125 cubic feet.


1. Mathematics A regular solid having six congruent square faces.
a. Something having the general shape of a cube: a cube of sugar.
b. A cubicle, used for work or study.
3. Mathematics The third power of a number or quantity.
4. cubes Slang Cubic inches. Used especially of an internal combustion engine.
tr.v. cubed, cub·ing, cubes
1. Mathematics To raise (a quantity or number) to the third power.
2. To determine the cubic contents of.
3. To form or cut into cubes: The cook cubed some potatoes.
4. To tenderize (meat) by breaking the fibers with superficial cuts in a pattern of squares.

[French, from Latin cubus, from Greek kubos. N., sense 2b, short for cubicle.]

cub′er n.


cut into cubes
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