cubic foot

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Noun1.Cubic foot - the volume equal to a cube one foot on each sidecubic foot - the volume equal to a cube one foot on each side
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At one end is a mighty revolving drill operated by an engine which Perry said generated more power to the cubic inch than any other engine did to the cubic foot. I remember that he used to claim that that invention alone would make us fabulously wealthy--we were going to make the whole thing public after the successful issue of our first secret trial--but Perry never returned from that trial trip, and I only after ten years.
As yet, they have not insisted on our estimating Lamar" tine by the cubic foot, or Pollock by the pound -- but what else are we to infer from their continual plating about "sustained effort"?
"A cubic foot fits in your lap; you can put your arms around it," Liittschwager told Smithsonian Magazine.
Over the past few years, the National Classification Committee (NCC) has broadened the standard scale, adding two more density groups and ratings for articles having densities of 15 pounds per cubic foot or greater, as shown in Fig.
That machine is currently making copper bales measuring 24 inches by 24 inches with a density of 280 pounds per cubic foot.
Allen and I agree that one cubic foot of water weighs about 50 pounds.
The 250,000 cubic foot figure was a risk-management judgment by professionals on the technical committee."