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Noun1.cubic kilometre - a unit of capacity equal to the volume of a cube one kilometer on each edge
metric capacity unit - a capacity unit defined in metric terms
cubic meter, cubic metre, kiloliter, kilolitre - a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters
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We will help produce 1.59MW of power capacity and 380 cubic kilometre of water capacity," Bereuillac said.
These advances are being taken up by the Alaskan government, which is proposing to sell up to one cubic kilometre of its excess water to Southern California and Mexico.
"The removal of one cubic kilometre of ice [from a shelf glacier in the Antarctic continent] is of little consequence - particularly if one considers the benefits to the life and health of millions of people," Khalidov said.
The dome of ice rises to a height of 3,000 meters and the total volume of the ice sheet is approximately 2,900,000 cubic kilometres, which would raise global sea levels by 7 metres if it melted entirely, according to the Polar Portal website.
"While 111 cubic kilometres of ice disappeared per year in 2003, 10 years later this figure had almost quadrupled to 428 cubic kilometers," the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Space Lab said in a statement.
Korolev, as the crater is known, is thought to be 1.8 kilometres deep, filled with around 2,200 cubic kilometres of ice.
ESA, who later posted the images on Twitter, estimates that crater Korolev has about 2,200 cubic kilometres of water ice.
This makes Pakistan the fourth-largest groundwater withdrawing country, with an estimated 65 cubic kilometres of groundwater abstraction per year according to estimates in 2010.
He added that another project related to expansions for the production of gas, a Nawras project area Abu Madi in shallow water which production capacity reached one billion cubic kilometres a day by adding new facilities to the treatment plant in Abu Madi area and the ongoing work currently in many new wells in order to reach increased energy The project to one billion and 100 million cubic kilometres per day.
Dr Mughal said that billions of dollars are invested annually in seeds, pesticides, transportation while wasting 250 cubic kilometres of water used to grow crops is also wasted adding to global food insecurity and hunger.
He said that wastage of food also waste all efforts and around 250 cubic kilometres of water stoking global food insecurity and hunger.