cubic yard

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Noun1.cubic yard - a unit of volume (as for sand or gravel)cubic yard - a unit of volume (as for sand or gravel)
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[2] The myriameter is equal to rather more than 10,936 cubic yards English.
Its area measures 6,032 feet; and its contents about 1,500 cubic yards; that is to say, when completely immersed it displaces 50,000 feet of water, or weighs 1,500 tons.
This was the flour, the infinitesimal trace of it scattered through thousands of cubic yards of snow.
By Lane County in Eugene and Springfield: 3,495 cubic yards
While last year's employment was down, productivity was up as the industry delivered 5 percent more cubic yards per truck and almost 2 percent more per plant compared to prior year figures.
If the CCA is not separated by strength classes it is generally of no consequence to concrete performance if the use of CCA is limited to a level of 300 pounds per cubic yard (about 10 percent by weight of the total aggregate quantity).
of Sulphur Springs, Texas, to sell 100,000 cubic yards of fill dirt for construction of a Lowe's in 2004, according to E&S' lawsuit.
Use $90 per cubic yard as a ballpark figure, but this will vary by region.
Bark chips range widely in price: $1.25 to $3 per cubic foot in bags, $20 to $40 per cubic yard in bulk.
"People pay us $5 a cubic yard to haul it off," says Jim Doersam, the engineer in charge of the innovative process.
The fee that Wheelabrator will pay Shrewsbury for disposal of ash in the landfill will increase from $3.40 per cubic yard to $6.75 for the first 120,000 cubic yards of materials deposited in the landfill.
After analysis of the carters' costs and public hearings, Commissioner Green officially reduced the rates last March 7.5 percent -- a $13.60 per cubic yard maximum from $14.70.