cuboid bone

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Noun1.cuboid bone - the cube shaped bone on the outer side of the tarsuscuboid bone - the cube shaped bone on the outer side of the tarsus
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
tarsus - the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg; in human beings the bones of the ankle and heel collectively
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Clinical implications of novel variants of the fibularis (peroneus) quartus muscle inserting onto the cuboid bone: peroneocuboideus and peroneocalcaneocuboideus.
Where in the body is the cuboid bone? answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Rubens; Hansard; Iona; 6th January REMEMBER WHEN: 1995 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: Two stamps of each denomination WORDWISE: A WHO AM I: Mikhail Baryshnikov 10 QUESTIONS: 1 The Grand National, 2 Thrush, 3 Skye, 4 Ivan IV (the Terrible), 5 South Shields, 6 Madrid, 7 High fidelity, 8 Boatswain, 9 Sydney, 10 The foot Yesterday we asked who Newcastle United face in their next home game on April 14 (Arsenal).
An X-ray of the left foot showed a commuted fracture of the cuboid bone with mildly displaced fragments, as well as moderate soft tissue edema (Figure 1).
Past history is significant for fracture of the greater tuberosity of the left humerus and undisplaced fracture of the left cuboid bone. Fractures happened after he fell off a ladder.