cuboidal cell

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Noun1.cuboidal cell - an epithelial cell that shaped like a cube
epithelial cell - one of the closely packed cells forming the epithelium
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More recently, Massa and coworkers derived an approximate analytical expression for the polarisability of a cuboidal cell [27].
Finally, there are often zones of transition from the lepidic pattern to the invasive pattern, and in the zones of transition there is often a change in nuclear grade as well as cellular morphology to a more columnar than cuboidal cell." (31(p55)) It is also important to remember that these terms must be used in their proper context.
Using antibodies against CK5/6 and p63, we were able to selectively label a distinct population of basal layer cells (Figure 5, B), corresponding to both the light and the electron microscopically identified cuboidal cell layer that is in direct contact with the basal lamina (Figures 3 and 4).
The cell block revealed papillary & acinar structures with thin vascular connective tissue and covered by cuboidal cells showing rounded vesicular nuclei.
Histopathologically, they consist of single or multiple dilated cysts in the dermis lined by an attenuated layer of double cuboidal cells (indicative of their sweat duct derivation).
Histopathology demonstrated a large cyst lined by either papillary projections or a single layer of cuboidal cells with mild to moderate atypia and surrounding solid tumor nests with focal cribriform pattern [Figure 3a-c].
The papillae were lined by cuboidal cells with oval nuclei and prominent nuclear pseudo-inclusions (Figure 3a).
Inner layer is composed of larger columnar cells with decapitation and outer layer includes smaller cuboidal cells. Fibrosis tissue souranding the tumor develops pseudocapsule in the periphery of the lesion.
In pseudopapillary areas, hyalinized and thickened vessels were covered by single or multiple layers of uniform cuboidal cells [Figure 1]d.
Microscopically, the neoplasm is composed of cohesive, uniform, cuboidal cells with minimal cytoplasm, arranged in nests and cribriform structures of variable size and shape, separated by moderate amount of fibrotic dense stroma (Figure 1).
It should be stressed, however, that the lumen of the rare and abortive tubular structures present is delimited by smaller cuboidal cells expressing antigens CK7 (Figures 6(g) and 6(h)) and CK19 (Figures 6(i) and 6(j)).
The basal cell layer has cuboidal cells which lack rete ridges, the cyst lining has buddings and is much folded.