cuboidal cell

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Noun1.cuboidal cell - an epithelial cell that shaped like a cube
epithelial cell - one of the closely packed cells forming the epithelium
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Finally, there are often zones of transition from the lepidic pattern to the invasive pattern, and in the zones of transition there is often a change in nuclear grade as well as cellular morphology to a more columnar than cuboidal cell.
In contrast, pancreatobiliary-type tumors form small, infiltrative glands with 1 to 2 cuboidal cell layers (Figure 3, C).
Using antibodies against CK5/6 and p63, we were able to selectively label a distinct population of basal layer cells (Figure 5, B), corresponding to both the light and the electron microscopically identified cuboidal cell layer that is in direct contact with the basal lamina (Figures 3 and 4).
In pseudopapillary areas, hyalinized and thickened vessels were covered by single or multiple layers of uniform cuboidal cells [Figure 1]d.
It is a circumscribed nodule, which consists of cystic spaces lined by cuboidal cells with clear cytoplasm (glycogen).
The basal cell layer has cuboidal cells which lack rete ridges, the cyst lining has buddings and is much folded.
Proximal tubules showed dark eosinophilic cuboidal cells and prominent brush border.
loreto and in a histological analysis they described a medial region of the gonads containing an anastomosing network of sperm ducts lined with cuboidal cells that merged into a lateral region containing germinal tissue.
Two cell types can be found: cuboidal cells and round cells [5].
Secondary follicle (FII) (an oocyte surrounded by more than one layer of cuboidal cells but with antrum andzonapellucida in between).
2] intercommunicating tubuloalveolar structure lined with two or more rows of cuboidal cells.
The classic histopathologic pattern of MTSCC comprises three main elements: (i) cuboidal cells forming closely arranged tubules, (ii) a mucinous stroma and (iii) spindle cell areas [3, 18, 23].