cuboidal epithelial cell

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Noun1.cuboidal epithelial cell - an epithelial cell that shaped like a cube
epithelial cell - one of the closely packed cells forming the epithelium
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The MUC1 core was weakly positive in the apical membrane of the predominant cuboidal epithelial cell component, and negative in the columnar mucinous cell component.
It is characterized as being a smaller duct made up of low cuboidal epithelial cells, presenting a round central nucleus (Fig.
Composed of tubules of tall cuboidal epithelial cells arranged into acini, these glands secrete extrapallial fluid in which shell formation occurs by emptying to the surface directly without a duct (Wilbur 1972).
The acini had 1-4 layers of columnar or cuboidal epithelial cells and were moderately dilated.
Microscopic features of pleomorphic adenoma: Wellencapsulated tumour tissue with heterogenous stromal elements consisting of chondromyxoid, fibrous and hyaline areas, and ducts and ductules of varying sizes lined by luminal cuboidal epithelial cells and outer layer epithelial cell.
There were numerous nests of polygonal cells and interconnecting tubuloalveolar structures lined by two layers of cuboidal epithelial cells (Fig.
Histopathological evaluation of the cyst showed the wall formed by only a single layer of cuboidal epithelial cells over a basement membrane formed by loose stroma and collagen fibers.
Biopsy of the mass revealed diffuse cysts consisting of well-differentiated, monolayer cuboidal epithelial cells surrounded by edematous connective tissue.
(3,4,7) Two histopathologic subtypes have been described: Chondroid syringomas of apocrine origin exhibit ducts, with lumina lined by two layers of epithelial cells; those of eccrine origin characteristically have ducts lined by a single layer of flattened, cuboidal epithelial cells.