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n. pl. cu·chi·fri·tos
Any of various small deep-fried pieces of food, especially cubes of pork.

[American Spanish : cuchí, pig (alteration of Spanish cochino, diminutive of coch, interj. used to call pigs) + Spanish frito, past participle of freir, to fry (from Latin frīgere).]
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(ˌku tʃiˈfri toʊ)
n., pl. -tos.
a small cube of pork dipped in batter and deep-fried.
[1965–70; < American Spanish, =cuchí hog, pork (alter. of Sp cochino) + Sp frito, past participle of freir to fry1]
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Cuchifrito, Eduardo Andino; dir: Max Ferra Thru Apr 28.
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This year the festival showcased nine offerings, including a full-stage production of John Glore's modern fairy tale, On the Jump, two workshop productions--Martinez's play and Jose Rivera's References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot--and six staged readings: Eduardo Andino's Cuchifrito; Jonathan Ceniceroz's Lupe, Now!; Tom Donaghy's The Beginning of August; Greenberg's Everett Beekin; Margulies's God of Vengeance; Marlane Meyer's The Mystery of Attraction; and Silver's The Altruists.