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n. pl. cu·chi·fri·tos
Any of various small deep-fried pieces of food, especially cubes of pork.

[American Spanish : cuchí, pig (alteration of Spanish cochino, diminutive of coch, interj. used to call pigs) + Spanish frito, past participle of freir, to fry (from Latin frīgere).]


(ˌku tʃiˈfri toʊ)
n., pl. -tos.
a small cube of pork dipped in batter and deep-fried.
[1965–70; < American Spanish, =cuchí hog, pork (alter. of Sp cochino) + Sp frito, past participle of freir to fry1]
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You got me working como esclava, morena bag lady, vendedora de cuchifritos, recogiendo latas, jodedora, assistant bailadora, recepcionista and I'm not wearing these high heels, who do you think I am, the statue of liberty?
According to Siemering, "You can [also] find cichetti (the small snacks served in Venetian wine bars), cuchifritos (fried bar snacks of ten referred to as Puerto Rican soul food), kushi (Japanese tidbits grilled shish kebab style), meze (Middle Eastern tapas spelled with one of two z's, depending on what country of what tavern you're in), scuie scuie (Italy's answer to tapas) and zakuski (the Russian counterpart.
unseen but known knowing waiting bursting to bloom she comes home from the sewing kicks off her shoes and this poem is hers on her feet the bus the exhaust where the two highways cross over her clothesline two women's intimates little boy briefs and the arrogant smell of cuchifritos and factories for miles and miles and this poem is hers like the curtains to flaunt like love at night pumps for dancing gold hidden sneakers for work back and forth back and forth morenita a cup of coffee a prayer a wing.
Paxson Communications Corporation (AMEX:PAX), the largest owner and operator of broadcast television properties in the nation, announced today that it has submitted an application to transfer control of the license to operate WBPT TV-43, Bridgeport, CT to Cuchifritos Communications, LLC.