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 (kŭk′əl-drē, ko͝ok′-)
1. The state of being a cuckold.
2. The act of making someone a cuckold.
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(ˈkʌk əl dri)

1. the act of making someone's husband a cuckold.
2. the state or quality of being a cuckold.
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Noun1.cuckoldry - the practice of making cuckolds; sexual conquests of married women
sexual conquest, score - a seduction culminating in sexual intercourse; "calling his seduction of the girl a `score' was a typical example of male slang"
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In a great leap forward for gender equality, the judiciary recently rolled back a cuckoldry law, another gift of the Victorian-era British, giving a husband-but not a wife--the right to prosecute his spouse's lover and have him imprisoned for up to five years.
The entire cast is magnificent in this uproarious tale of cuckoldry and revenge.
And though I can't be sure, I think it was Miranda's laugh that echoed in the Cuckoldry Labyrinth one rainy afternoon when the museum was all-but empty.
Cyrus Hoy praises the play for its original treatment of the possible cuckoldry plot: "Thus while the gallants, Greenshield and Featherstone, have told Master Mayberry that they have both slept with his wife, he has the wit to believe her when she denies the charge, thereby shattering the stereotype of the husband who believes he has been cuckolded that has seemingly threatened to descend on the character in the early scenes; once it is shattered, the way is clear for fresh comic energies to shape the play." (18) Hoy perhaps gives too much credit to Mayberry for his handling of the situation.
2004: Breeding density, cuckoldry risk and copulation behavior during the fertile period in raptors: a comparative analysis.
What Iago attempts to transmit to Othello is a fear of cuckoldry; he states in his evil invocation at the end of act 3, "I hate the Moor, / And it is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets / He has done my office" (1.3.368-70).
As such, humor and jealousy in "El celoso extremeno," represented by the two landscapes, allowed Cervantes to bare distinct perspectives on what could simply have been an entertaining tale of cuckoldry.
In addition, there's evidence that the phenomenon of bluegill cuckoldry (sneakers and satellites) doesn't occur in southern populations.
Gerty and he, he proposes, share "a kind of language" (751), because she appears as caught up in her romantic fiction of what has happened as he is in his fears of cuckoldry. He thus comes to see her, much as he has come to see himself, as the silhouette of a self-storied creature.
As audience members we are privy to the performers' dirty secrets as Guy is swallowed into a world of cuckoldry, swinging parties, estranged lovers, illicit affairs, Welsh prima donnas, dodgy business deals and some fantastically acted punch-ups.
An association between fertility and cuckoldry in the house sparrow, Passer domesticas.